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LIBRA September 24th-October 23rd You may not know what a close one wants from you with their strange actions recently, but you know what you want. When did you lose the right to be happy?


Honest talks today move mountains. Call me now to hear which sign is ready to settle down.


Ring now to hear how romance requires travel plans to come to fruition. Side shows are not an option. Call now for a message from Mars and how he can help you.

Call now to hear how Neptune has your back in social dramas. Take your time.

Dress in what makes you feel good. Confidence counts today. Ring now so I can share my visions with you. All close ones wanted was to know you could be a team player.

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Call now to hear how animals may spark a new friendship. Latest Articles. Learn more Or are you just not interested Aries? Only time will tell, but you may want to play down the stubborn mood you are exhibiting.

Claire's Daily Horoscopes (Saturday 14th May) | Daily Horoscopes | Horoscopes

TAURUS April 21st-May 21st You hear news of others making new beginnings but this leaves you feeling as if you too need to be focusing on what can be done to improve your own life with a most positive spin indeed. You can learn a lot this way. LEO July 24th-August 23rd You need to try to keep an open diary for the weekend when an unexpected phone call or contact of some sort gives you reason to want to do what you want, when you want.

Others will notice if you do my friend.

You see with clear vision who is good for your life and who drags you down.